Dear clients and collaborators,

Truth be told, no one knows the names of the translators that, every day, by means of their work help people from different countries understanding each other. Even when prestigious translation prizes in the field of Literature are awarded, translators end up disappearing behind the shadow of their work. To help us remember some of those translators, French linguist and translator Marie Lebert created A Dictionary of Famous Translators through the Ages. Arranged chronologically, this small book reveals the name – followed by a short biography – of a number of important translators, such as Abraham bar Hyya bis Simin Daneshvar. The book is also complemented with a list of female translators.
This small dictionary is available on the internet and you may download it as a PDF file or an e-book.

Enjoy your holidays and have fun leafing or scrolling through the pages and finding out who we are.


Ester Ramos