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The International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30th September. This celebration is related to the day Saint Jerome died, in the year 420. Saint Jerome translated the Old and New Testaments from Hebrew and Greek to Latin, known as the vulgata. This day was celebrated for the first time in Paris, in 1954, and became a global event as of 1991.

Another tradition that has emerged is the events organised for several years by the Portuguese commission for UNESCO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This year, the speaker on the conference entitled “Dire quase la stessa cosa” De Umberto Eco. Impossibilidade ou desafio da tradução (“Saying almost the same thing” by Umberto Eco. The impossibility or challenge of translations) was António Feijó, vice dean at the Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa, who was once my teacher of English poetry. This was how this day became particularly relevant to me.



Ester Ramos 


Albrecht Dürer – Hieronymus 1514