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Some of our clients




What they say about us

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

“Everything is going along perfectly and I hope it continues this way for many years.”

João Carvalho Dias, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Museum

Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Portugal

“Faster is…impossible! (…) I thank you very much. I will not forget to mention that the translation was executed by Onoma”

Charles Kaufmann, Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Portugal


“Maximum score. You do the best work. Onoma’s staff is extremely competent, extremely nice and extremely thoughtful. They do their best, even when the customer gives them a hard time.”

Maria João Torres, Swiss


“I am grateful for the excellent collaboration.”

Cristina Delgado, Lufthansa

“I will take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work delivered. Presently, Portuguese work is a benchmark in terms of reliability, speed and efficiency in Lufthansa’s publishing world.”

Mário Baptista, Deutsche Lufthansa Portugal

ONOMA - Proven competencies in complex projects


Proven competencies in complex projects.

Complex projects with long-lasting effects require not only a degree of high skill but also time, dedication and commitment.


This is precisely what you will find at ONOMA: a committed partner for your demanding projects.
The following projects constitute an example of this:

› Ribatejo power station
(Siemens / Energy) (PT/EN), from 2005 up to the construction of the plant in 2009. This project originated partnerships with other companies including Goldkuhle (Austria), Lenzing (Austria) and Atermon (Greece).

› Pego combined cycle power station
during the entire construction stage

› Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation/ Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

› Translation of catalogues of various exhibits (PT/FR/EN).
› Greek-style taste.
› René Lalique.
› Fantin Latour.
› Exotic.
› The Portuguese Presence in the World (Prof. José Mattoso)
› and many others

› Jorge Welsh antique shops (PT/EN)

› LE 4700 locomotives
(Siemens/ Mobility) (PT/EN/DE) – begun in 2008 – concluded in 2011.

› Lufthansa
site updates (permanent) (EN/DE/PT).

› Paris-Dakar
(Live) updates of the official site of Rally Paris-Dakar that took place in Argentina 2009.

› Mota Engil’s Annual Report