Dear clients and co-workers,

I’ve often been asked if I’m worried that online machine translation Apps will put the existence of translation companies at risk. These apps came about due to the globalization of the economy and the internet. There’s no doubt that it’s very useful to be able to ask the way to the nearest hospital, shopping mall or museum in several languages, but it’s this globalized world that has created challenges that these apps can’t overcome. Only competent native speakers will be able to help you to internationalize your business. Only experiment interpreters with an above average general knowledge will have the tools to help you conduct successful business negotiations.  Highly complex texts of legal or technical nature, for example, continue to require highly specialized and thorough translators.

ONOMA has also changed since its inception, 25 years ago, and hasn’t stopped adapting to these extraordinary challenges. A trend that we’ll keep for the years to come.

We wish you a beautiful Spring.

Ester Ramos