Dear clients and coworkers!
For many years, ONOMA has also been working in the field of translator training, providing internships to students from the universities of Lisbon (Universidade de Lisboa and Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and accompanying master students until they submit their theses. This journey has been full of positive surprises, not only in the limited realm of everyday translation, but also when it comes to general professionalism, in the commitment, interest, punctuality and sense of duty that we’ve seen demonstrated.
On July 8th, “our” Catarina defended her master’s thesis, entitled: Elaboração de uma Proposta para um Guia de Estilo para a ONOMA. Naturally, the result was very good, as was the entirety of her internship. And that’s why we not only want to sincerely congratulate Catarina on her graduation, but are also happy to welcome her as a new translator in our team.
Ester Ramos