Dear clients and co-workers!

Every company likes having many order requests in their portfolio and Onoma is no different. While I was thinking about that, I tried to imagine the amount of requests in the European Union, for whom we’ve had the pleasure of translating. And I realized that Europe is extremely diverse from a linguistic point of view, or at least that’s what the numbers show.

As of 1994 there’s been a Translation Centre for European institutions. This centre employs 200 permanent employees and over 1000 freelancers that handle a part of the translations that the EU needs. In 2017, over 770.000 pages were translated and that is only, as previously mentioned, a part of the translations needed. On top of which there’s an upward trend of requested translations. Once again it has been shown that translation has an indispensable role to play in the European Union and the cooperation between nations.

I wish you an excelent May!

Ester Ramos