Onoma Newsletter – May 2019

Dear clients and co-workers!


It will be a while before the arrival of our well-deserved holidays, but I would still like to take this opportunity to give you a wonderful reading recommendation for this summer – one that also has to do with our work. “The Translator” by John Crowley tells the story of the fateful encounter between a Russian poet and his American translator at the time of the Cuban crisis. She tells him that she has just read a poem by him, written in English, but the writer says that the translation is no longer his poem. The book is all about the power of words, the possibilities in understanding and the dangers of not understanding, and about the fact that a literary translation is always a text in its own right. “A novel that affirms and celebrates language,” as Book Magazine put it. With books like this, summer will certainly be more pleasant.



Ester Ramos


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